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InSEA World Congress 2023 

Good morning,

On behalf of myself, and the InSEA president Glen Coutts, vice president Mira Kallio Tavin, and secretary and European Councillor Patsey Bodkin, we would like to ask NSEAD (organisational members of InSEA) to share information and links about the 2023 InSEA World Congress to be held in September in Turkey. And, although the Congress dates do not fit in well with a U.K. school academic calendar, they do have the capacity for academics, freelancers, artist educators and arts/cultural organisation members to take part. There is a separate website for the Congress which is here:

We are happy for you to use any images or logos from the website in your own newsletter and/or website. Please let us know if you require anything else. 


The call for submissions for the World Congress has a deadline for the end of this month. The submission portal is here: and the possible formats for submission are very diverse.


Thank you so much for your support. 


Susan M Coles

Vice President InSEA

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