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2024 USEA Awards Recipients 

  • International Edwin Ziegfeld Award: Rolf Laven, Vienna, Austria

  • National Edwin Ziegfeld Award: Allan Richards, KY

  • Student Dissertation Award: Rachel Zollinger, AZ/NM

  • PK-12 Teacher Award: Jennifer Grace-Duran, MO

  • Kenneth Marantz Fellow: Fatih Benzer, MO

  • National Service Award: Jenny Evans, GA and JaeHan Bae, WI

Award Nominations

Deadline: February 15, 2025

     USSEA’s Annual Edwin Ziegfeld Awards honor distinguished leaders who have made significant contributions to the National and International fields of art education. Two Ziegfeld Awards will be presented during the National Art Education Conference to be held in Louisville, Kentucky.

One national award to honor an art educator from within the United States.
One international award to honor a colleague from outside the United States, who has made contributions of INTERNATIONAL significance to art education.

ELIGIBILITY: Nominees must be members of USSEA or InSEA and persons who have brought distinction to International aspects of art education through an exceptional and continuous record of achievement in scholarly writing, research, professional leadership, teaching, professional service, or community service bearing on international education in the visual arts.


The USSEA Award for Excellence in PK-12 Art Education
    This USSEA award is presented to a Pk-12 art educator who has demonstrated leadership in and commitment to multicultural, cross-cultural educational strategies in their school/s and communities. This art educator actively implements an approach that builds respect for human dignity and diversity through art. The teacher must be a member of NAEA and USSEA to be recognized for their contributions. Their work must be confluent with the mission of USSEA, which is to foster “teamwork, collaboration, and communication among diverse constituencies in order to achieve greater understanding of the social and cultural aspects of art and visual culture in education.”


USSEA Award for Outstanding Student Project, Master’s Thesis/Dissertation

    The USSEA Outstanding Student Award is presented to a student whose creative project, thesis, or dissertation, reflects the mission of USSEA: to foster teamwork, collaboration, and communication among diverse constituencies in order to achieve greater understanding of the social and cultural aspects of the arts and visual culture in education. The topic investigated in the work promotes pluralistic perspectives, deepens human and cultural understanding, and/or builds respect for diverse learners.


NOMINATIONS: Nominations may be submitted by any member of USSEA, InSEA, or NAEA. Forms are available at the USSEA website

E-Mail Nomination Materials to: Fatih Benzer (


DEADLINE DATE: Nomination 
materials (nomination form, vitae, letter of nomination, and two additional letters of support) are due by February 15, 2025. Letters of nomination, acceptance, and support must be written in English. 

Recipients will be recognized at the annual NAEA conference.

**Past awardees are listed on the USSEA Website, Please consider nominating a member of USSEA or InSEA who has not yet been recognized. 

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