USSEA Meeting Dates and Presentations

Thursday, March 26


USSEA Executive Board Meeting Ryan Shin, Fatih Benzer, Allan Richards, Steve Willis, In this meeting for members and non-members, the Board will discuss policies and procedures for USSEA operations and share information from the Chairs of each category to review past successes and plan future goals. BIG Questions. Center/Meeting Room 211C/Level 2

3:00 - 3:50

United States Society for Education through Art Interest Group Inspiring Global Connections Through the Creative Processes in Artmaking Allan Richards, Fatih Benzer, Mousumi De, Rabeya Jalil, Ryan Shin A panel discussion by international art educators, moderated by Steve Willis, will present individual strategies on global connections to address sociocultural, educational, and financial differences that influence shared, global creative processes. Art\ED Talk. Center/Meeting Room 200B/Level 2

Friday, March 27 

8:00 - 9:20 

United States Society for Education through Art Interest Group Whiteness and Art Education: JCRAE Author Dialogue Joni Acuff, Gloria Wilson, Kim Cosier, Tyler Denmead, Adriane Pereira Join select authors of the Journal of Cultural Research in Art Education’s volume 36, titled “Whiteness and Art Education,” to discuss key aspects of their articles. Authors lead small and large group discussions about critical themes from the volume. DEEP DIVE Research. Center/Meeting Room 101I/Mezzanine Level

2:00 - 2:50

USSEA Award Announcements and Celebration Ryan Shin, Fatih Benzer, Allan Richards, Angela LaPorte, Join this ceremony to honor and applaud the recipients of USSEA awards: Edwin Ziegfeld Award, Marantz Fellows Award, Service Awards, USSEA Award for Excellence in PK-12 Art Education, and USSEA Award for Outstanding Master’s Thesis. BIG Questions. Center/Meeting Room 205C/Level 2

5:30 - 5:50 

Empowering Refugee Youth Through Art Melanie Davenport, Displaced youth can express their humanity—their stories, struggles, dreams, and identities—when provided access to art education. Recent project reveals the power of artmaking in the lives of newly resettled students. INSTRUCTIONAL Practice. Center/Meeting Room 208C/Level 2

Saturday, March 28

3:00 - 3:50

Countering Islamophobia in K-12 Art Curriculum Patty Bode, Advance curriculum that counters Islamophobia by interrogating misinformation, biased propaganda, and hate speech—through studio practices that engage traditional and contemporary practices related to Islamic art forms. Art\ED Talk. Center/Meeting Room 101B/Level 1

4:00 - 5:50

Puzzle Peace Pledge Project Collaborative Mural Exchange Lori Santos, Be a piece/peace of the puzzle! Create your own puzzle piece to celebrate peacemaking through a collaborative mural exchange project; receive tools to inspire your students (and for them to inspire others). STUDIO Workshop. Center/Meeting Room 210AB/Level 2

11:00 - 11:50 

Using Conceptual Pedagogy to Counteract Cultural Appropriations in the Art Room Allan Richards, Steve Willis, Fatih Benzer, , Cultural appropriations can be offensive to the original culture and could set back efforts in multicultural education in the art room. This situation can be addressed through conceptual pedagogy. Art\ED Talk. Center/Meeting Room 200D/Level 2

1:00 - 1:50

Sharing Artistic Connectivity Is Essential for Art Education Steve Willis, Allan Richards, Fatih Benzer, , Connecting with others through the artmaking process is essential in contemporary classrooms/studios for art knowledge integration and intersectionality. Strategies are presented for developing local/global connections in the arts communities. INSTRUCTIONAL Practice. Center/Meeting Room 200D/Level 2

2:00 - 2:50

United States Society for Education Through Art Interest Group Business Meeting Ryan Shin, Fatih Benzer, Allan Richards, Steve Willis, A Meeting for USSEA Members and Prospective Members to Discuss USSEA Interests and Initiatives. BIG Questions. Center/Meeting Room 211C/Level 2

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