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USSSEA Kenneth Marantz Distinguished Fellows Program



The USSEA Kenneth Marantz Distinguished Fellows Program is designed to recognize exemplary contributions to the field of culturally inclusive art education and to USSEA by its members.  Those achieving recognition as a USSEA Kenneth Marantz Distinguished Fellows will have amassed a record of continuous service, leadership, and dedication to culturally inclusive art education and the USSEA organization that is outstanding.  The USSEA Kenneth Marantz Distinguished Fellows Program is intended to recognize achievement in the field of art education and in service to USSEA that is exceptional in its depth and breadth.

Designation of Fellows

The designation of Fellows is to be considered in the total awards and recognition plan of the United States Society for Education through Art.


Fellow Committee

The Fellows Award Committee will consist of a Chair and two USSEA members. The Chair will be the previous Fellow awardee and he or she will appoint the two other members of the Fellows Award Committee. The Committee Chair will inform the recipient and those who recommended him or her about the award.

Limit on Fellow Nominations

One name will be submitted to the USSEA Executive Council or Awards Committee in any year to be ratified as a Distinguished Fellows.  Only one member of USSEA may be admitted as a USSEA Distinguished Fellow in any given induction year. Distinguished Fellows are to be inducted every year either at the biannual InSEA/USSEA conference or the NAEA national convention. Nominees not selected as Fellows may be re-nominated.  In certain instances, when unanimously agreed as appropriate by the Executive Council and Awards Committee, candidates may be posthumously nominated and designated as USSEA Fellows.

Fellows Criteria

Each nomination for Fellows recognition will include the following materials that will be brought before the Executive Council and the Awards Committee:

(1)  the candidate’s vita or evidence of service to culturally inclusive art education and USSEA

(2) a rationale statement for selection with regard to the Fellows criteria, to be provided by the nominator(s).

Criteria for Distinguished Fellows

The following criteria for nomination to recognition as a Kenneth Marantz Distinguished Fellow of the United States Society for Education through Art are intended to recognize members of USSEA for their service to the association and to the profession.  These criteria are not intended to be all inclusive nor is it anticipated that every Fellow will qualify equally on each criterion.  Those who are nominated must, however, demonstrate a reasonable profile of accomplishment for engaging directly in activities that support USSEA.

1. USSEA or other awards that honor exemplary teaching, research, or scholarship in areas of culturally sensitive and inclusive art education and professional service to USSEA.

2. Chair or member of USSEA standing and/or ad hoc committees

3. USSEA Convention Program or Outreach Committee chair

4. Member of the USSEA Executive Council

5. Editor or Associate Editor of Journal of Cultural Research in Art Education (JCRAE) or TeachingVoices & the USSEA Newsletter, or webmaster of the USSEA website, or  contributing author of materials for these publications.

5. Cultural research and/or research-related activity reported in any USSEA or other significant art education publications.

6. A consistent record of presentations at  USSEA or other conventions that focus on issues of cultural diversity and art education.

7. A record of extended service to USSEA in a variety of capacities or offices.

9. USSEA Distinguished Fellows nominees must be current members of the association, or have had a long-standing history as a member of USSEA.

Role of the Distinguished Fellows

Those designated as USSEA Kenneth Marantz Distinguished Fellows will serve in an advisory capacity to the Executive Council and the President of AEAI.  At the request of the President or at the request of the Fellows, the Distinguished Fellows may be called together to:

(a) Discuss issues of importance for maintaining a viable future for USSEA.

(b) Offer guidance, counsel, or support for initiatives of the USSEA Executive Council and USSEA.

(c) Discuss and suggest policy or action for consideration by the Executive  Council on behalf of the membership of the USSEA.

Those Fellows chosen posthumously serve as models of leadership in areas of multi- and cross-cultural art education.

Recognition of Distinguished Fellows

Upon being selected a USSEA Kenneth Marantz Distinguished Fellow, inductees to the USSEA Distinguished Fellows program will be recognized at the biennially held InSEA/USSEA convention during the Opening Session or at the USSEA awards session at the NAEA national convention. A summary of each Fellow’s accomplishments and contributions to USSEA and the profession be reported during the induction ceremony, in the conference session program, and through the USSEA website.

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